Your Data is Your Data

It seems an obvious statement, that your data belongs to you, yet the internet has evolved to create the implicit acceptance that your data, once shared online, is now available for commercial exploitation with limited concern for your privacy or consumer rights whether its data you enter explicitly or the "meta-data" which is captured when you connected to a service, which actually tells more about you than anything else.


Krowdthink is going to reshape social networking by being totally transparent about what data we hold and how it is used. We consider we are custodians of your data and that control of it belongs to you.

Your Voice

Gaining your trust is our ultimate objective. We believe we can only do this if we empower you with control of your data; complete transparency of how it is used and a means to voice your concerns - and be listened to! Krowdthink has a unique structure of international experts in privacy law, systems security and online safety, who provide assurance that we'll always give you transparent governance of your data. Their role is to be your voice into our company. They'll have legal authority to demand transparency about collective data if the company ever falls short of its commitment in this regard.

Control Your Data

You can easily control what you post online, but can you remove something that at a later date you regret? In the Krowd the answer is Yes. We fully support your right to delete anything you have posted or personally messaged.
We only collect "meta-data" about you to add value to the app and that meta-data is visible to you in the app.

Minimizing Your Data

We take great care to not hold any data that is not needed to deliver our service, simply because there is no such thing as a totally secure system. So we seek to minimize any potential damage to you in the event of a security breach by minimizing what data we hold.

It also means we are a less worthwhile data source for criminals and hackers to pursue than other social networks. Other social networks are seeking to build comprehensive profiles about you based not only on what you say, but also based on your application interaction. We don't and won't.

You Always Pay

The question is how? The Internet norm is to allow the service provider to exploit the data (and meta-data) you share with them for commercial gain.

Krowdthink treads a different path. We ask that you pay with cash, although we offer a basic version of the Krowd for free. We only ask for a very small amount per year. In return we give you visibility of what data we hold and how it is used, combined with the rights to delete any data you have shared and, this is important, the ability to take away revenue from our company if you are unhappy, by deleting your account and all associated data. You are in control of your online life in the Krowd.

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