The Krowd® is a mobile app delivering a trusted social network for you to be able to connect with like minds.

Crowds are defined by two things:
  • A common interest
  • A common location

The Krowd app offers its users the ability to
  • Krowd together online
  • Krowd together in a location

By focusing around people’s interests we enable relationships to form online and at events where crowds form. You can interact with people in the Krowd as anonymously as you interact with people in a crowd. Your interests connect you, whether it’s sports, music, business or hobby or something else.

You create your Krowd profile and support it with your musings and thoughts in the context of the interest Krowd you connect with via a Krowd blog (kLog), whether locally at an event or online in the cloud.

When in a local Krowd we’ll connect you in real-time – to chat, share pics, share your kLogs. Check out whose there, chat with them in the Krowd , or invite them into a private conversation. All before deciding to meet face-to-face, if at all.

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Alpha version for Android.

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