Building privacy, security and trust in digital engagement
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Defining a privacy respectful business model for digital engagement

Fostering Trust

Only a conscious commitment to empower customers can halt the current downward spiral of trust in digital engagement.

Backed by a commitment to build a product or service development culture that respects privacy built on security.

Advocating Privacy

Digital privacy is needed for a free digital society

Privacy will not become ubiquitous until it becomes a commercial asset

The first freedom should be from location tracking. No other data gives such deep insight to who you are

Innovating Co-location

Unlocking location value for citizens & places, whilst sustaining location privacy, is achieved through the insight that it’s the co-location of people that is important, not their location

The Krowd App...

Smart Cities

The strategic challenge is to maximise the revenue opportunity for the local economy 

Fostering digital engagement in places keeps the data value local and maximises return on investment to the city.

Call us about our 5G localised digital economy project

Our Blog

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Our Tweets

@MarcWigan shame the olympoc stadium terminal was closed! & no visitor could get guidance on which bus for which location #frustrated
How good is the security infrastructure I wonder? its a worry how dumbass marketing depts squew consumer perception
Facebook warns EU about extending telco privacy laws.We need a level playing field..suck it up! @ElaineEdwardsIT
2nd shoe drops. WhatsApp start sharing data with Facebook - where can you go online to socialise & expect #privacy?
I will be talking about building trustworthy companies & products at #mydata2016 next week. Here is some insight
Damned shame @JanetHughes leaving verify program - its an inspired approach, well structured & managed.
Buy a Tesla - expect every where you go & everything you do to be monitored is this the #IoT we want?
FCC losing battle vs broadband providers in USA as they did not halt deep packet inspection & pay for privacy deals
Yet another report shows rapid increase in #ransomware @AWNetworks @southwestcsc
@MarcWigan bottom line, laws work for those with money to leverage them especially in commerce, unless political expediency likes your case
You might find our report useful to expose more on location tracking...
Wow! battery usage tracking can be used to continuing tracking from cookies you deleted!
@petergothard ha ha....worryingly true altho I have seen some bright points like verify
Our model for redefining #Trust in digital engagement we see better future for the Internet
@petergothard in real terms managing systems built on open source are as expensive or more so sometimes than proprietary solutions over time
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