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London – 29th April 2016
The first conference integrating the commercial opportunity of privacy and the new GDPR

The Location Privacy Experts

Advocating consumer rights for location tracking

Innovating Location-based social engagement

Our Advocacy

We fight to protect users from location tracking

#optmeoutoflocation campaign

Download our insightful location tracking research report

We research and implement best practice in trustworthy digital social engagement We fight from the point of view of developers who have innovated solutions to the problems we see in localized digital engagement in the context of a Trust Model

Smart Cities

The strategic challenge is to maximise the revenue opportunity of digitising cities into the local economy

Encouraging localised digital engagement can mitigate a city’s data bleed of value to cloud service providers

Call us to engage in our 5G localised digital economy project

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@richardgomer you too...think there is scope for cooperation in smart ciy context
Old news but worth repeating
Looking forward to hearing about the response
UK telephone preferense service extended to mobile. Just text TPS to 78070 followed by your email address, not sure why they need that tho!
.@data2life talks about data stds and PIA methods standardised web-based consent for life tracking devices #realconsent
Sigh, UK asks for "flexibility" on #GDPR & gets 12 more to join, countries that want to monetise their citizens?
RT @futureidentity: 21% of people surveyed worried that a world of connected devices would lead to machines taking over the world. @xmlgrrl…
RT @321CtrlShift: Join us at #pie2016 & discover how companies are harnessing the power of consumer #TRUST #EARLYBI…
Only 9% companies believe existing permissioning enables next level of economic growth #realconsent
Wise move..we really don't know how #blockchain will evolve and what/if it needs regulation...but watch closely
#realconsent window washers dropped by to look in on this fascinating discussion
.@futureidentity #realconsent defines internet identity: "how much identifiable data do i need to infer your identity" suggest "how little"
@alexanderhanff @ThreeUK do you think intent is to create evidence that people don't care?
Dr. Edgar Whitley discoses Encore project for applying #consent and dynamic consent. challenge is future use
@ThreeUK plan a 1 day trial of blocking all mobile ads @alexanderhanff
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